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The PPG reported that the New York Daily News reported the Jets will interview Steelers executive Omar Khan today for their open general manager's job.

Interesting.  If they offer the job I can't imagine he'd turn down the opportunity to be Jets GM to remain the Steelers' capologist.

Ugh.  That's not a job I'd want, but good luck to him if he goes.

Finnegans Wake:
Didn't Omar interview for Jaguars GM and wisely turn that down?

I wouldn't want any part of the Jets GM job with Rex there.  Sorry.  Too much of a pain in the ass.  Plus Sanchez sucks and it's not a great year for rookie QBs. 

But the Chargers GM spot would be one I would consider, since they've cleaned house with the HC as well.

Who knows...maybe he will pull a Butler and wait around for the Steelers GM job.  Not sure how many years Colbert has left.  Khan is an asset to this organization and I hope he turns them all down!!! 

That's all true and I hope he stays, too.  But the the bright lights of the big city have a certain allure for some, just ask penso, he remembers something about something something.


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