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I stumbled across a college lacrosse game toward the end of last season, while channel surfing. Surprisingly, I enjoyed it.  Add in Maryland and Rutgers' moves to the B1G and the possibility of a Big Ten Lacrosse conference.  I thought that I might want to learn a little about lacrosse, and maybe catch a couple games at PSU this year.  Living in Pennsyltucky, there aren't any youth leagues around so l'm forced to ask for help.  Any refined peeps here that could point me in the right direction?

I played Division 1 lacrosse .... What a great game. It is actually the national sport of Canada, not hockey . Let me know if you would like to know anything about it. I coach when I can find the time.


It is actually the national sport of Canada, not hockey

Since its founding, Canada's official sport was lacrosse. In 1994, First Nations groups objected to a government bill that proposed establishing ice hockey as Canada's national sport, arguing that it neglected recognition of the game of lacrosse, a uniquely Native contribution. In response, the House of Commons amended a bill "to recognize hockey as Canada's Winter Sport and lacrosse as Canada's Summer Sport," although lacrosse is played all year, in all seasons, indoor and outdoors. On May 12, 1994, the National Sports of Canada Act came into force with these designations

Nice nugget Otis.. Thanks for that... I still think its 1990, so forgive me for not noting that it changed to co- national sport.

Hell, I only found that info within the last couple years. I still thought it was just lacrosse.
But I still wait for Showdown during NHL intermissions, too.


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