Super Bowl XLVII

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Soooo, when's the darft?

Doubt I could be more disinterested.  Well, maybe...if it was the Ravens vs. the Cowboys.

I hear ya.  Ray Ray is on the 'roids ... still disinterested.

Big Virgil:
Looks like Flacco wants top dollar as a free agent.  So, watching him lay and egg in the SB is mildly interesting.

Finnegans Wake:
Welcome to the DespicaBowl.

You fucking well know that the fix is in for Uncle Stabby.  He'll cry and slobber about how nobody gave them a chance and how God personally took time out of his busy schedule to write this glorious soap opera ending and we'll have to endure a few more weeks of Where does Ray Lewis rank among the all-time best?  Probably top five, or no, let's just say it, he's the best ever, seriously...

The part that makes me want to retch up large chunks of undigested roadkill is all this fucking bullshit about how fucking great Bert Flacco is.  All you have to do is take away the long ball in the 4Q and Fucco can't piss in a paper bag.  Drew Brees money?  Sure, and Mike Wallace deserves Larry Fitz dough.  But he's beaten Peyton and Tom in the playoffs, and hasn't thrown a pick!  So fucking what, you fucking roid-flippers! 

The marvel of Kaepernick and the pistol hasn't been anywhere near as ridiculously annoying, although the media are acting like Cock Harbaugh and Greg Roman invented midget hookers or something. 

The ONLY remotely interesting thing about this shitfest will be the inevitable Cock Harbaugh meltdown (take your choice which one, they prolly both will at some point).  The commercials have routinely sucked for years, the music is worse, and now we get the worst possible set of teams fromthe 2012 playoffs.  Don't shit on my leg and tell me I just ran the Tough Mudder, bitches. 

Quote from: Big Virgil on Jan 29, 2013 at 15:01

Looks like Flacco wants top dollar as a free agent.  So, watching him lay and egg in the SB is mildly interesting.

Timing couldn't be better for him.  Feels like a move that the Jets would jump at.

Not sure about him laying an egg (obviously, hoping that it happens).  As great as CK has been since he took over, I'd expect the rook to freeze up before Fucko.  Uni has played in more playoff games than Kap has NFL games. 

BTW, props to Jim "I want some cake!" Harbaugh for making the in season switch from Alex to Colin.  Took some rhino sized stones and has obviously paid off.


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