New OL coach: Jack Bicknell, Jr.


Finnegans Wake:
Spent a year coaching OL at KC (not under Haley), previous to that a few years as an assistant OL coach for the NYG.  A bunch of OL coaching stints in the NCAA, and was HC of Louisana Tech for a spell.  Dad was HC for BC way back when.  Bicknell snapped the Hail Mary pass to Flutie, FWIW.

Really hard to say how that will all translate.  KC's line wasn't chock full o' studs.  Bicknell seems to have a lot of line experience and comes from a football family; of course, the latter could be said of Haley and his freshman stint as OC was, at best, a very mixed bag.

Quote from: Finnegans Wake on Jan 29, 2013 at 15:45

Bicknell snapped the Hail Mary pass to Flutie, FWIW.

Now that's a fun fact.

Finnegans Wake:
Some speculation that Bicknell may install a ZBS, which IMO would be a better fit for the young core of this OL (Pouncey, DDC, Adams, Beachum, Gilbert, even though Adams and Gilbert ran sluggish 40s).  Wonder what that means for Colon (cap casualty?) and Foster (FA, not a fit in this scheme?)...

If we do go ZBS, it changes my draft criteria for OL.

It could also open up some interesting possibilities in the run game, which is what Tomlin was salivating over when considering how KC's rush attack gashed the AFCN last year.  So that also changes draft criteria for a RB. 

Gonna be interesting to see how the OL scheme and Haley 2.0 come together.


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