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Tayvon Austin ran a 4.3.  Love to snag him, but 1.17 is too early (we got bigger concerns at S, LB and NT, IMO) and he'll be gone by our pick in the second.

Finnegans Wake:
I agree.  There are some good speed prospects at WR, but most come with caveats about improving hands, routes, etc.

Te'o  ran slooow.

Any of you guys have thoughts on LB Cornelius Washington (UGA)?  Kid ran a 4.55 forty and put up 36 on the bench!   Mayock  projects him in the  5th.

Hopefully Teo's 40 time will remove him from speculation at 1.17.  Never wanted anything to do with the guy, even before the scandal.  Product of ND hype machine.

Funny because a 4.82 40 would be an upgrade over Harrison's, Woodley's and Foote's combine times.  None were 1.17 but then again, not one is too slow for the NFL.  Obviously, a lot remains to be seen but a 4.82 is not the end of the guy.  So he may be a product of ND hype but undoubtedly he is a victim of ND hate.


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