Good news for Steelers?



May need to go in a different forum. But I view it as good news for the Steelers that Joe Flacco is locked into a deal that makes him the "highest-paid QB in NFL history."

Maybe I'm just missing something. But when we play the Ravens, I'm not thinking in the least about how good or scary Joe Flacco is. I just can't buy it.

Logic here is that it ties up more of their cap, hence giving the Steelers more opportunity to get back on top in this division.

I agree.  He's not bad, but this assures that they won't get someone better in the near future, and that is good.

Finnegans Wake:
Fucco's a middle of the road QB that the Ratties just skewered their cap for the foreseeable future to keep.


What would be best iis Flacco tearing his ACL, MCL and PCL in their opening game and having to roll with Tyrod Taylor

Two phrases that should never go together:  "Joe Flacco" and "highest paid QB in NFL history."

Yeah, the cap hit is actually reasonable for the next couple years, but I'm sorry, there's just something fundamentally wrong with that statement.

He should give Rice (for that 4th and 29 scamper against the Bolts that effectively got them into the playoffs) and the Denver secondary (for that 70 yard gift that got them to the AFCC game) a significant cut.  Either of those things fails to happen and he's lucky to score half that amount; maybe he snags a Fitzpatrick like deal -- 5YR/60-75MIL.

*sigh* everything.


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