Steelers trade R1 pick to Jets for Revis


Finnegans Wake:
Wow, didn't see this coming...  Colbert said that they were able to take on Revis's salary demands by "prudent and systematic cost-cutting measures," like cutting Harrison and Colon, and not re-signing Lewis and Wallace.

No, seriously, you didn't click the link, did ya?  Because I'd like to have just a fucking smidgen of faith in the intelligence of posters on this board too know a BS Finny story when they see one.  We'll sign Antoine fucking Winfield for 3 years or until he's 40, whichever comes first, and we'll pay more than the minimum to do so!!!

Whew!  Thought Colbert had finally lost his mind, started eating his own poop and trading for prima donna cbs.


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