Sanders next to leave?

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Finnegans Wake:
Sounds like it.

Luckily, we have Bruce GradfuckingKOWSKI signed.  Who needs a talented young WR when you have a shitty backup QB?

On the plus:  we'd get 3.91 from the Pats and clear $1.5M in cap space. 

So we can sign some POS over the hill FA.

Don't agree with a lot of the moves (or lack thereof) by the front office.  That said, I don't agree with your sentiments about Gradkowski.  The guy made the Steelers D look like ass, specifically when coupled with Tomlin's asinine game management in the last 5 mins and is a clear upgrade over Charlie Batch who quite frankly had no business being in this league for the last two years.  Regardless of how much I would have rather drafted a young backup QB, he actually does make us better which is probably more of an indictment on Our inability to part ways with those that were born shortly after the earth's crust cooled over.

Don't think the issue is Gradkowski. The issue is our lack of activity on almost every other front.

Finnegans Wake:
The guy's career QB rating is what, 60-something?

Edit:  65.8.  The one year he broke 80 was the year he  beat the Steelers.

Being a Steelers fan is starting to feel like being a pirates fan.  Work a guy into the system, bring him along.  Lose him once he starts to be a real asset.

The Harrison move is a bummer, but at least I understand it.  They'd rather miss out on one productive year than pay for 2 unproductive years.


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