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Schefter reporting on Facebook that we tried to steal Jake Long before he signed the 4 year deal with the Rams....wish we could have pulled that off.

Additionally, he says we are eye-ballling A. Bradshaw. I'm o.k. with this...thoughts?

Dumervil. But with what $$$

Quote from: Brinker on Mar 18, 2013 at 10:08

Dumervil. But with what $$$

That would be fantastic...

You gotta wonder about Long though, I mean, why would a team let a supposedly franchise LT go to FA?  Either there's something wrong with Long or the Dolphins.  At 4 yr, $36 mil, I'd have taken a shot at that, just seems like a cheap price.

I was a fan of Long coming out of college (obv).  He's had a decent start to his pro career, but he still has some work to do to live up to the #1 overall pick, IMO.  It just doesn't seem like the dude can stay healthy lately.  I'm guessing that if he can consistently stay on the field, he's a solid option, but for 9 milly per?  Dunno.  Big risk, reward.

Bradshaw is a decent option, but I don't think he'll come cheap.  He's not really an every down back even though he thinks that he can handle that role.  He'll probably command a salary a little south of what S. Jackson got from the Falcons.

Dumervil would be nice, but you're talkin' money that's in Siverbacks range.  Gotta think he'll cost somewhere from 7-8 million per.  Woodley needs somebody on the other side that attracts attention or he's going to be seeing a lot of doubles.

I suppose the silver lining to these rumors is that they see these positions as needs and are trying to do something to fix them...?  It's all I've got.  They're hard to come by.


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