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Finnegans Wake:
In the 2011 weight loss thread, jonzr wrote:


Wow, it's hard to believe we went a year between posts here.  Time flies.

For the last two years I've been walking in the evening for about 40 minutes, 3 days a week.  The morning following those walks, I've been doing push ups, lunges and planks, have recently added pull ups (damn, those are fucking hard).  The morning routine usually takes about 20 min., so it's not that time consuming. Plus, body weight exercises can give one a nice workout and they're free.

As for the numbers, I've gone from a high of 292 to my current weight of 220.  That's mostly due to a change in diet, though.  I was eating a "heart-healthy" diet that was low fat.  Fuck that, it packed on the pounds.  I switched back to extremely low carb and watched the pounds slowly fall off.  So now that's my life diet, low carb.  I eat tons of fresh, raw veggies and plenty of beef, chicken, fish and eggs.  You know, the usual Atkins routine.  No sugar.  Not saying it's for everyone, but it works for me.  Basically, my goal is to not open a box for food, unless that box contains a delicious ribeye steak.

It seems like I'll stick at a round # weight for a few months and then the next 10 lbs will come off.   Even though 220 is supposedly 50 lbs overweight for a 5'10" guy, I feel great.  My waist is down to 36" and I believe this is absolutely maintainable.  Moderate exercise really seems to be that little extra that ties it all together.

Imagine that, health achieved via a reasonable diet and moderate exercise.  Who woulda thunk it?

Time for a new thread!

Now that jonzr's a stand-up he keeps the weight off with the old Richard Pryor/Robin Williams "diet".

Finnegans Wake:
Topic was definitely overdue for a bump.  Especially since so many of you are now getting old and decrepit!

I've retitled this the Get Healthy Challenge, rather than just focusing on weight loss.  Optimal health should include being able to sustain a weight at which you feel good (and feel good about yourself), but that's not the ultimate goal.  One must consider functional ability - are you winded after you climb 3 flights of stairs?  Are you tired after minimal exertion playing with kids or dog?  Do you have difficulty with motion and flexibility?  I think you also have to consider whether your entire way of living, and not just diet, is more likely to help you avoid diseases (diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, etc.), whether it contributes to a sense of overall well-being and happiness, and so on.  In short, good health is holistic in the sense that it is physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

Do you feel that you are improving?  Declining?  Or just treading water?

So what are your health goals and benchmarks?  What have you tried in terms of diet, exercise, and lifestyle that has and hasn't worked?

Big Virgil:
Great work Jonzr.  That is fantastic!!!  Glad to hear about the success.

I could not get motivated to "work out" last fall and wasn't controlling the in-flow to the pie hole.

For some reason, I can't get motivated to consistently work out this spring either, and the weight is creeping up to an absolutely uncomfortable level.

Spring/summer 2011 I was 225.  Great weight for biking and stuff. Before and after that I hover 230-235.  Right now I'm at 240.  Uggghhhhh.  

At 240, I notice a big big difference on the bike compared to 230.  Fortunately my leg strength continues to improve, but the cardio suffers.  Right now I'd feel a lot better about myself if I could get to 230.

For some reason, I am hungry a lot.  I do well during the day at work, but evening and weekends lack self discipline, food and exercise.  I get plenty of protein and fiber, whichare more satisfying than carbs, yada, yada, yada.

I just have to keep the intake to a manageable level and exercise a lot more than one day per week.  I know what works for me, it's just execution.

EDIT - I copied Finny

Age:  46.  Height: 6'5"  Starting Weight:  240#  Current Weight:  240#  Previous Low (2011): 225#  Goal Weight: ~225#

Trending:  Slowly sinking

Fitness goals:  Lose 3-4 inches from waist.  Reduce longer mtn bike rides by 30 min.  Lose 10 lbs by May 30.  Lose 15 by June 30.

Diet:  Balanced diet.  Limit sugar and certain carbs (chips, bread, cookies etc)

Obstacles:  Feeding the pie hole and lack of exercise.

Sleep:  Good   Energy: Could be better.   Outlook:  Generally good  Overall health:  Generally good, no illness or meds

Finnegans Wake:
Age:  48.  Height: 6'2"  Starting Weight:  250#  Current Weight:  228#  Previous Low (2012): 221#  Goal Weight: ~210#

Trending:  Treading water

Fitness goals:  5K <30:00; complete 13.1; get off all BP meds; 100 squats; planks, situps, pullups (TBD).

Diet:  Adapted Primal/Perfect Health Diet; local, sustainable, organic when possible

Obstacles:  Alcohol-to-exercise ratio

Sleep:  Could be better   Energy: Generally good   Outlook:  Generally good  Overall health:  Generally good (no illness in recent past)


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