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Author Topic: MGS Get Heathy Challenge - 2013!  (Read 5661 times)
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« Reply #20 on: Dec 24, 2013 at 07:02 »

2014 wrap-up

~6 months since my last check-in.  Weights 3 days a week.  T25 workout 2-3 days a week.

Weighing in at 185#.  Could do a bit better on my waist line but probably never will as I enjoy unhealthy food too much.  Am able to bench 205# x 8-9 times.  225# x 5.  235# x 2-3.  Have moved to include more dumbbell work on chest and it has paid off.  Moved from size medium shirts to size large.  Size XL in the Rebook cross fit shirts. 

Incorporated cross fit in to my workouts.  Bought the heavy training ropes and a 30# slam ball for home.  Do a lot of pull ups, inverted rows and other body weight exercises.  Box jumps and deadlifts

 Very noticeable difference in arms, chest and back size.  Pretty happy with my gains and hope to maintain in 2014

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« Reply #21 on: Dec 27, 2013 at 14:09 »

2013:  Not good, not bad, just meh.  I'm essentially a lazy-assed bastard, so I don't like working out.  For me, HIIT is ideal because it's over with quickly, but even then I struggle to keep with a program.  Did do some kettlebells, and have a pull-up bar in the den that's convenient to hang clothing on.  Really have to get back to them, and maybe some dumbbells, at least minimally in 2014.  Not really a go to the gym kinda guy.

But my primary workout, the one I enjoy, is jogging.  For whatever reason, I was pretty lax in 2013, and the idea of gearing up to run a 13.1 never materialized.  But even when I'd been away from jogging for a couple of weeks, I found that getting back to it was easier now for whatever reason.  My speed, strength, and lung capacity seem pretty good.  I just need to be more consistent, and get back to running a few times at my lunch hour.  Mrs. F. and I have a couple of routes that involve hills, some of them pretty drastic, and I've found that a great way to shake the dust off.

Weight, down almost 30# from a few years ago, has crept back up predictably, as the wine : jogging ratio has been horribly out of whack.  2014, really have to right that ratio.  Cooking and diet are the constant, and I continue to avoid processed foods/convenience foods/fast foods, and incorporate mostly whole foods (locally sourced, sustainable, pastured meat and organic fruits and veggies) whenever possible.  Found a great resource for wild fish too. 

Pretty healthy, knock wood, save for a chest cold around Thanksgiving.

Going to start a 2014 get healthy thread later, and offer some new opinions on food and nutrition. 

Some general goals, already discussed; some specific ones:  lose 20#; increase running stamina and run a 13.1 before 7/27 (turn FIFTY, FFS); get to 10 pull-ups; drop the BP meds.

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