The Morrow Trade.

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I don't see the need for it.  I just don't get the idea of trading for less skill. 

Miracle on Ice. Those rings with the Isles. Proven winner.

Quote from: otismalibu on Mar 24, 2013 at 21:28

Miracle on Ice. Those rings with the Isles. Proven winner.

No one needs to hear from the fresh kill contingent.

Not a big fan of it.  I like the way Bennett is playing as well so I hope this doesn't bump him from the line-up.  If you're going to move a top prospect you might as well throw in a 1st and go all in with Iginla.  Morrow's skil lset seems to be in decline and I can't see him playing on the third line either.

Over the past few weeks, various sites had noted the lack of sellers versus previous years.  I guess that drives the price up, supply versus demand and all that.  I think Hoe Morrow is a really high price to pay for a guy on the decline.  Pens are knee -deep in D-men but I think you get more in return than Brendan Morrow

Also think the trade for Douglas Murray is unnecessary.  Eaton has been a nice add.  Depres shouldn't sit.  If you need muscle, Engelland or Burtuzzo.  Usually Shero looks good during trade deadline time.  Not this year.


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