QB Situation is Dire in Cleveland

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Kent Graham is back!  Guess that bursa sac finally healed.


I was probably 11 years old when it happened, but I'll never forget that giant douche taking a sack against Cleveland which lead to the clock running out while in field goal range when he could have just thrown the ball out of the back of the end zone. 

The league admitted the refs fucked up when they started the clock after that sack. I think that was the Three Apology year for the Steelers. The league also pointed out that the Eagles should not have been allowed a 2nd onside kick attempt. Can't recall what the 3rd botched call was that season.

Yeah, that's definitely ringing a bell.  I think I repressed that entire season due to the two-headed monster that was Kordell and Kent Graham. 

Finnegans Wake:
Graham = underrated.  I always knew he'd come back, I just hoped to God it was to us again.

We're so fucked.


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