NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs - Non-Penguin Series


Similar to the gameday threads for the Steelers.

Here's to Ovechkin and Nash giving each other concussions.

Man did the Rangers suck last night. Was not that impressed by Washington either.

As irritating as the Penguin's series has been so far, the other first round matchups have been ridiculously entertaining.  The Boston-Toronto series has been surprisingly good (Toronto's goaltending really keeping them in this one), Rags and Caps feels like a 7 game series, Kings rip off 3 in a row (OT again), and Detroit and the Ducks go to OT as well.

Really makes you wonder if the NHL should go to a shorter regular season permanently. Seems like 82 games is too much, maybe meet somewhere in the middle?

I knew it was just to good to be true for the Caps and Bruins to both lose game 7's at home.  At least I got to watch Ovie go pointless over the final 5 games as they chocked away a 2-0 series lead.

 Have fun golfing you overrated fuck. 


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