RIP Ray Manzarek


Damn.  Age 74, cancer.

Finnegans Wake:
Caught this NPR interview with Ray this afternoon (from 2008), at least the last half.  Excellent stuff, whether you like the Doors or not:  Manzarek was extremely well-spoken, and knew his shit, musically.  His description of how Light My Fire came around is simply outstanding:  Coltrane?  Bach?  Seriously?  Yes! 

At the time of this interview, Manzarek was ~70, but he sounds like a kid, lots of energy and enthusiasm. 

Sometimes you just think music comes out like a turd, fully formed and without thought, completely smooth, but the process and influences of how it really is made is worth the listen.

The first X album is one of my favorites.  Manzarek produced it.

Really wish I'd made an effort to see the band when they toured a few years back with that guy from The Cult on vocals, heard it was a great show.  Had no idea he ever produced any other bands.  I'm gonna lsiten to that interview.  It's true, he sounded youthful and like a person who enjoyed life.


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