OTAs and pre-preseason stuff


Finnegans Wake:
Starks is a Charger.  Had to figure the new OL coach would want "his guys," and Whimper beat out Starks in the wily vet department.  Unfortunately, Starks >> Whimper, but he'll be depth behind Adams and Gilbert.  Gilbert is opening OTAs at LT, and Adams at RT.  Reports of an athletic ZBS may actually be coming to fruition:


“It’s going to be new, but we’re embracing it,” Foster said. “If you look at our run tape last year, teams stacked the box on us. We were running inside zone, inside zone, inside zone, and we never really had an outside threat. But Coach [Todd] Haley’s stressing it this year; Coach Bicknell is stressing it. That’s something we want to do: soften the defense up and be able to run it outside just as well as we do inside.”

Troy's been eating lots of hot dogs lately.

Two picks signed so far:  R4 S (and Wake/law fave) Shamarko Thomas, and R6 ILB Vince Williams.  Good chance the higher rounders will need to wait until the 6/1 cap relief from cutting Colon. 

Hoping this isn't a recurring theme, but I sense that Jarvis Jones may be spending a lot of time in the tub, allowing Worilds the chance to show he can play.  It's all good though, we don't like starting rookies anyway, right?

That's good news about Troy, I hope he plays 16 games and lets those new guys know that the standard is the standard.  As for J Jonah Jarvis Jones, tub it up, be a shame to see a lingering hammy all season.


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