The Pittsburgh Pirates

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...have best record in Major League Baseball.  First time since 1992 I do believe.

I'm glad someone else started the thread this year.  Was afraid that my annual hopefulness was a precipitator of demise.

But yeah.  I love this team.  I also agree with sending Cole down for a couple of weeks; in the past I would have argued that it was a sure sign of tightwad management, but when Wandy and AJ get back, the kid could use a few more starts in Indy to work on his secondary stuff. 

Quote from: pensodyssey on Jun 27, 2013 at 12:40

I'm glad someone else started the thread this year.  Was afraid that my annual hopefulness was a precipitator of demise. 

Well I was 8 the last time this franchise had any success so that cannot bode well.  Aside from that, this team goes as Pedro alvarez goes (which should be that surprising).

After tonight I have changed my stance on Cole.  Yeah, maybe he's not locating the curve or changing speeds enough yet but the fact is the guy is an MLB pitcher.  He was horrible in the first and then was excellent thereafter.  Not to say unhittable; he had a jam or two, but when he was in trouble, he'd throw a 100 mph peanut over the inside black.  Just can't send him down, even if means DFA'ing Morton.

I was just about to post a pirates thread myself.  It's encouraging that we've done this with a luke-warm Cutch and a slumpish Walker.  Martin behind the plate and at bat is the biggest upgrade over last year imo.  Even with an off month, Marte has been impressive.  I'd forgotten what it was like to have a real leadoff hitter.

Barmes has no place on a successful team.  He and Barajas were like having 2 extra pitchers in your batting order.

Does anyone know how long Cole would have to be down for?  I think I heard it only needs to be 10 days or so.  If that's the case, I'd do it.  Longer and it becomes questionable.  Just don't hurt the team. I loved how he pulled it together after the first inning last night.  The kid has serious stuff. He can throw a 95mph fastball for a low strike.  If he develops his off speed and breaking stuff he'll be brutal.

I thought the Lincoln for Snyder trade was a horrible mistake, but I like what I've seen from Snyder.  I certainly don't cringe when he comes up to bat, late in the game, with runners on base.  I have the feeling he can develop into a Garret Jones type: a solid, if unspectacular, major league ball player.  I'm not even sure if Lincoln is in the major leagues atm.

I don't like Greg Browns grilled cheese schtick for Grilli at all.  Grilled cheese is what 3rd graders eat for lunch.  Much better would be something like "it's time to fire up the Grill."  This is what men do when they want to bring the heat.

Sadly, I think Jmac is done.  Maybe he's a head case, I don't know.  Thankfully there are more positive things to focus on with this team right now.


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