Non-Steeler preseason games notes


Patriots ground game is much improved.

Haven't seen Geno Smith play a down yet, but he's already better than Sanchez.

Steelers fans will miss Deebo more than they'll admit.  Again, if he's healthy...

Colon mixin' it up with Suh in first preseason game.  Nice.  Think Steelers fans will miss him too.

As crappy as the Giants run defense looked, I though Johnathan Hankins looked pretty stout for them.

Honey Badger lighting it up for Arizona.

EJ Manuel looked very good for the Bills.  They've finally found a bona fide signal caller.  It's only been, what 20 years?  Again, best QB to come out this year.  All of a sudden, that offense has a totally different feel.  Manuel, Johnson, Jackson, Spiller...nice.

Who'd you rather have?

Peyton Hillis or Redman/Dwyer?

If the dude's healthy, he can still be productive.  Plus, he costs almost half as much as either of those guys.  Bummer.  Missed opportunity for some quality depth.


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