Preseason Game #1 - NYG @ Pittsburgh

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Can't see Butler sticking

Wheaton stupidly rolls in to Sylvester's leg at the end of a punt.  Bobbled the ball rolling out of bounds two plays earlier

Golden drops a sure Int

Butler with a TB and Worilds with a Roughing the Passer

Worilds with another PF

So David Gilreath catches the ball inside the 5 yard line on a punt and Justin Brown with a block in the back, pushing it back to the 3 yard line.  It's the preseason but it has been a pretty ugly performance. 

Larod looked pretty good and I thought the OL performed better on the 2nd and 3rd drives. 

Landry Jones runs in to Baron Batch and NYG gets a safety. 

Are the Pirates out of their delay yet?


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