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As we take the time to mourn the retirement of one of the all-time greats, let's pause a minute and give Commish Bonzr a chance to post the final rosters from last year so's we can name our keepers.  And decide if we want to run auto-finny or offer the slot up to a noob. 

I vote run auto-finny. I would be willing to help Jonzr with roster maintenance.

I would like to make it known that Fred Smoot has a strong desire to retire as a member of Finneganswake.  I have a contract around somewhere...hmmm...we ll at least a strong verbal agreement in principle from Finny to trade Adrian Peterson to the Mongrels for the rights to Smoot. 

By "strong verbal agreement" I mean a random utterance during a Nyquiltini-induced delirium, but I think it's still legal.

Yahoo had a new option and it looks like I gave everyone has their roster from last season. I need to peruse what to do about that. 

Oh, it's so that each player can manage their keepers. 

Everyone, pick your two keepers.  Afterwards I'll approve the list and the remaining players will be released to the wild to be selected during the draft.

Live draft scheduled for Fri, Aug 30th @ 6:00pm CDT, that's 7:00pm EDT, people.

This auto-finny option sounds intriguing.  But it would be easier to see if anyone wants to move into that slot.  So, w/out further ado ...

Anyone from the MGS FFL Too league want to join this league?  First come.


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