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My mother passed away earlier this month.  She was set to begin her fourth round of treatment for lymphoma, that is, the fourth recurrence of the cancer in the past 6 or 7 years.  Eventually, it was too much.  She was only 68.

A few years ago, after my brother passed, I convinced her to move to DFW to be near us.  Earlier this year she wanted to move back home.  She had just completed her 3rd round of chemo and was feeling better, but had been confined to a wheelchair after her left hip joint was decimated.  Before things got bad again she was able to visit with old friends and attend her church and teach her old Sunday school class of senior citizens.  So while I thought it was a bad idea to move her back, it clearly turned out to be the right thing.

My aunt called early one morning and said Mom was fading fast.  I hopped in the car and after a 3 hr drive, made it 30 minutes before she passed.  She wasn't conscious, but I'd gotten to visit a week earlier.  While holding her hand, I placed my other hand on her chest and could barely feel her heart beat.  Her breath was shallow and eventually I realized that she wasn't breathing.  And I felt strangely good for her because she was in such terrible pain those last couple of months.

Jesus, dude.  That sucks.  My condolences, sir.

Fuck cancer.

Finnegans Wake:
Very sorry to hear, KJ.  I understand the struggle your family has gone through and I feel your loss.

It's over a year since Mrs. F's father passed away from his cancer, and I know it still hits her really hard sometimes.  Sometimes I have to stop myself from saying something stupid like "we should invite your dad over for a cookout" or something, because sometimes even now it doesn't seem real.  It's tough as hell to deal with, but time does help. 

Condolences, Jonzr.

She battled and managed to go out on her terms.

And she raised a good lad, even though his aquarium maintenance sometimes falls a little short.

Finnegans Wake:
Quote from: otismalibu on Aug 21, 2013 at 14:47

And she raised a good lad, even though his aquarium maintenance sometimes falls a little short.

You always know the right thing to say, man...


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