MGS FFL Too 2013


We could use an odd number of people here, sign up if you wanna play.

Also, existing Too players, anyone want to take Finny's spot in the other MGS FFL league?  It's available.  Yeah, late notice, etc.

I switched the scoring to points instead of head 2 head, whadda y'all think?  I mean since there are only 5 players it seemed like the way to approach it.

Captain Chaos:
Points doesn't work with football as well as it does with baseball or even hockey, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

You're probably right, I've never done pts in fooseball.  Maybe we can get somebody signed up before the season starts. 

Congrats to L.C. on a great back and forth season. I went into the final week only 5 points down...ended up losing the season by 25 or something. Drew Brees killed it, and I never stood a chance. Had a lot of fun in both leagues (3 counting my ESPN league), thanks to all involved.


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