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You accidentally(?) removed me as manager from the chix and the reinstated me?  I presume you were trying to give me access to RoboFinny.  If so please do so's I can work the waiver wire.

20 seconds to comply.

It still shows you as the manager from what I see.  Yesterday I transferred the Woodleys to you, that process involved putting your email address in the box by "Sporting Woodleys" and clicking send.  So it shouldn't have done anything to the Chix.

What is your current situation?  No access to any team?  From my end it looks like nothing has changed.

Try logging out of Yahoo, closing your browser.  Relaunch browser, login to Yahoo.  If that doesn't work let me know, but not before rebooting 3 times and unplugging your stereo and TV.  Then move your fridge to the other side of the kitchen, turn off and then back on all the switches in your breaker box and finally, trying the browser restart again.

Whatever you did yesterday dropped me as chix manager, then invited me to be the chix manager.  When I look at finny's team it still lists you as manager.  So whatever you're doing...

I resemble that remark.  Guess I'm stuck running the finnybastards.


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