Season Kickoff - Ratties @ Broncos


Had to mention a couple quick points:

(1) Dafuq is up with the pregame "festivities?"  (Edit:  Oh yeah, Ryan Seacrest??)  Screw these performances.  Talk football.  You want to see Keith Urban?  Go to a concert.

(2) When Welker had that drop, somewhere Gisele turned to Brady and said, "told you."  Brady quipped back, "yeah, but he'll have 130 catches this year and possibly another ring."

(3) Julius Thomas - picked him up as a last minute waiver wire fill in a couple of my pay leagues.  #straightcashhomey

(4) Manning is still the fucking man.  Dude is incredible.  He makes guys around him so much better.  I'm definitely regretting keeping Newton over him as one of my keepers last year.

(5) Who's second guessing themselves more?  The Colts for letting Manning go?  The Patriots for letting Welker go?  Or, Elvis Dumervil for leaving Denver?

(6) It begs repeating.  One.  Hundred.  Twenty.  MILLION.  Average salary of about 20 million per...for Joe Fucking Flacco.  


 :flipoff: Baltimore.

 :flipoff: Harbaugh.


Finnegans Wake:
When's preseason over?

I think the Ravens made a bit mistake letting Pollard (and likely Boldin too) go.  Watching the highlights, there were a few times where the Ravens' secondary had a chance to light someone up and didn't.  Pollard would have.  Maybe a 15 yard penalty but well worth one of those if it makes the WRs think twice about going over the middle and hanging themselves out to dry.

Dallas Clark had a good stat line.  Ed Dickson did not.  Both dropped a lot of passes.

Was really fun to watch highlights of the beatdown this morning.  After watching the first few series, I expected the Ravens would pull out a win.


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