Question about O Line Scheme


Ok, I think we all realize how bad the O line has looked this year. And without Pouncey one would expect the line to suffer in the short term -- even if Velasco somehow turns out to be a solid starter.  It will take him a bit to get the scheme down.
Which brings me to my next question...

How much of the offense's current predicament can be blamed on the move to the new zone blocking scheme and on the new offense line coach specifically?  I did believe that the coaching of Sean Kugler seemed pretty fantastic. It seemed that the offensive line was mediocre when it should have been terrible, based on the amount of injuries and the journeyman he had playing out of position.

So far, I feel Bicknell should be on the hot seat.  He has young talent that has some level of pro experience, and they all seem like they have forgotten to block. To say nothing of DeCastro thinking it would be a good idea to cut out Pouncey at the knees.

That said, I know fuck all about O line play. Some of you pay more attention to the trenches than me.  So, how much of this problem is due to the new scheme?  How much is that the current roster is not ideal ofr the scheme?

Is it too late to just go back to the previous (mediocre) blocking scheme?

..and I just read on the PG+ that Haley hadn't been calling any zone blocking since Pouncey got hurt. And there is an interview with Marcus Gilbert where he says that they are going back to it. 

He indicated that the scheme had been used during the preseason and that they had been "knocking out yards" with it (not sure if he was high when he said this, since it wasn't as if they were running the ball down anyone's throats in the preseason). Interestingly, Gilbert also suggested that the old power blocking is so well known by their opponents that they know how to attack it. So maybe the change to zone blocking really will help. Although it would be nice for us to have not found out until the next game. Now the Bears will know we are planning the change for the next game.

Anyhow, so maybe the scheme change wasn't the problem. Maybe the o line just plain sucks.

Finnegans Wake:
If Bell is ever healthy, I think he helps the ZBS frankly.  Rave reviews from Peter King about Bell being the best rook he'd seen all preseason: if he can exploit the cuts properly, it helps the OL do their job - be decisive, shift the attention of the guys up front.

Velasco did well enough in his game that I can see him really improving.  Not sure what the issue with DDC is, but I still think he has the talent to be our new Faneca.  Hoping, anyway.  The rest, we'll see.


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