No worries guys, the vets have this

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The Steelers will be back to their expected winning ways posthaste.  No billiards for you!

After the conclusion of practice Wednesday on the South Side, a trip inside the locker room revealed rudimentary signs taped to the ping-pong and billiard tables saying that no player shy of four years’ NFL experience is allowed to use them.[/b]

But, but, but...what about our IMAX matinee privileges??

This team is a joke.


Veterans meet again, determine that all players with less than 4 yrs seniority must now use sippy cups during meetings.  "We've had some messy spills," noted Ryan Clark, "Some of these kids simply don't know how to operate a cup, much less paper towels."

Tomlin really crackin' the whip now.

No soup for you!

Finnegans Wake:
Now all we need is for the coaches to stop playing games.

Tomlin:  This game is over until we start winning again.
Haley:  But... but I'm a 16th level wizard!
LeBeau:  Not for long!  I just rolled a 20 with the 20-sided die... how many damage points is that?
Tomlin:  I mean it guys...
Haley:  Fuck.  Fuck your random chaotic 18th level wizard.
Tomlin:  Calling dibs on Haley's book of spells.
Haley:  I thought the game was on hold or something.
Mitchell:  Not when we're ransacking your goods.


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