Week 4 - Sept. 26 - Pittsburgh @ Minnesota (London)

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This team needs to stop with all the 0-3 and 0-4 talk and just try to remember how to win.  One game at a time.  Focus on Sunday.  That's it.  Big picture stuff is irrelevant.

Losing is becoming too common place here.  After awhile, it becomes all they know and they accept it.  Everybody and I mean everybody needs to kick it up 2 or 3 notches.  This needs to stop now.

Indeed.  But I fear what happens when they gear up to stop Peterson.  These are two winless teams, both should be desperate.  But the fact is, this isn't a good team.  They'll eek out a few victories along the way I figure, Minny could be one of those.  I'm not holding my breath for these guys.  I mean, one figures they're trying, right?  Aren't they trying to win?  So it comes down to the dearth of talent caused by several poor drafts.  That's my theory.  So gird them loins, boys.  We're gonna be here a while.

Ponder is questionable with a rib.  Vikes might have to rely on Cassel.

Hopefully if Bell is a go, they don't just come out, line up and hand the ball off expecting some magical production.  This is still a team that can't enforce it's will on people.  Their success on offense is based on scheming.  If I'm Tomlin, I talk up the fact that we're anxious to see what LB brings to the table; gonna feature him; blah, blah, blah...then come out and PAP their ass.  Add in a few dumpoffs to get Bell in space and locked up with a LB.  Maybe go no huddle on the first series too and put the defense on its heels a bit.  Do something...anything to show that you're trying to mix things up. 

We don't usually go no huddle until we've burnt thru at least three fruitless possessions.

Poor fuckers who planned a road trip to this game.

Not sure it matters either way, but Matt Cassel to start for Christian Ponder.



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