Week 5 - Oct. 3 - BYE

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Reasonable chance we gain ground on the entire AFCN by sitting still this week.

Finnegans Wake:
Gotta hope that the AFCE has a big day.  That the Dolphins can show that their early success was no mirage.  That the Patriots (ACK!  PTOOOOOI!  BLARF!) can win without Big Wilfork and with Beardy slinging it to whoever the hell his receivers are, including some guy named Lanny who up until last week was selling expired meat from a truck.  That the Bills can somehow overcome the juggernaut that is THEE Cleveland Browneyes.

If all that happens, we're only 2 games back, with 12 games to go.  You can knock us down, but we get right back up.  You can actually knock us down 4 times, and... well, it could be more, maybe 6, maybe 8, but it's those LAST 8 games of the season that make or break us.  And really, if you lose the first 8 and go 0.500 on the last 8, that's still a respectable 9-7 if my math is correct.  No, wait, it's clearly not.  It would be 4-12, but think of the draft position!  We'll be top 10 for the first time since, shit, who the fuck remembers?  And Tomlin and Colbert will craftily select an OLB to keep the pipeline stocked, you have to have talent at OLB riding the bench to make it in this league.  And forget the R2 pick, we'll just forfeit that.  But seriously, there's cause for optimism.  This team is going to find its identity, even if that identity is that of a bloated corpse trawled out of the river, blue and bloated and... no, sorry, that's not it.  Our identity will harken back to the days of pride, and of being one of the best if not THE best, and then remembering that we got addicted to meth and lost our teeth and started living under a bridge and... crap, this free association shit it really not working today, sorry.  Sorry. 

Something good will come out of the bye.  Sort the sock drawer.  Check the expiration dates of everything in the fridge.  Really root out that festering toejam that's been the bane of my existence.  Things are looking up.

I predict the Steelers finally hold their own this week.  Zero sacks of Big Ben!

Well that idea just hit the fan like a Brown.

Hmmm, my milk actually is expired.


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