Week 6 - Oct. 13 - Pittsburgh @ NY Jets

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How does the Falcons O-line compare to the Steelers O-line?

This may be Ben's injury week.

LOL @ Steelers being a road favorite to anybody (OK, @Jax might be a pick 'em) right now.

They haven't covered ATS yet this year.  This is their week, right?  Uhhhh, right??

Finnegans Wake:
We know Smoky Adams was being benched for Beachum or Levi, but Tomlin has also demoted Ziggy and is going to give Heyward a shot at LDE.

We'll see with the carousel of bobos on the OL, but I always liked Heyward and thought Hood was an odd pick for the position, maybe more of a 4-3 DT.  In fact, I'd consider using Hood in rotations:  first, try a 40 front once in a damned while, with Heyward-Hood-Mac-Keisel; second, try Hood at NT and Mac at RDE to spell Keisel - I think Hood would do better anchoring against the run, and Mac would get better penetration off the edge, so this might be a 3rd down rotation.

Quote from: Finnegans Wake on Oct 08, 2013 at 14:31

... first, try a 40 front once in a damned while ...


Over/under on Big Ben turnovers (interception or fumble):  2.5

I'm taking the over.


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