Seattle @ 'Zona


FWIW, love Thursday Night Football every week.  I'd imagine that the teams and coaches probably don't, but getting NFL games 3 days outta the week is a plus.

I'll be goddamned if watching that game last night didn't give me flashbacks to watching a Steelers offense under HairyArms.  So much so, it put me to sleep.  Predictable and boring.  "Oh, that didn't work a couple of times?  Well, let's keep at it until it does."  

Carson Daly looks finished as an NFL QB.  LOL @ that preseason "strong armed QB" talk.  Poor Fitzy.  He was so happy with the move.  And, his backup is Drew Stanton?  S'rsly?  I'm no fan of Gradkowski, but I'd take him over either of those guys.  Kinda surprised they didn't go after Freeman who I think got a raw deal in Tampa because of Schiano (who, BTW, is rapidly rising the douchey NFL coaches list).  Keeping prejudices aside, Ellington seems like a better option at RB than Mendenhall.  Not sure his size would allow him to withstand full time duty, tho.  I'm pretty sure that if RM and BA didn't have a history, RM would be nothing more than a backup RB somewhere, at best.

That Seattle defense, doe.  Scary good.  The secondary is off the charts.  Would be interesting to see them match up against the Broncos, but I don't think we'll get the chance to see that.  Offensively, I'm not sold on Wilson, but Beastmode gonna Beastmode.  #tastetherainbow

Edit:  Oh, and fuck that patronizing prick Bob Costas.

Finnegans Wake:
I remember beating the facking shit outta Brandon Browner some years ago.  Loved Earl Thomas in the draft, and really liked Kam Chancellor. 

Wild card was Sherman.  Man, nobody saw that fucker coming.  SOB is amazing.

Also have a nice F7 going.  Conceding Irvin, dude can play.

Top to bottom, Seahags have a good and deep team, tho WR is a tad thin.  What you have against Wilson I do not get.

Broncos v. Hags in the SB???  Hags, Saints, Niners.  NFCE, nah.

Broncos v. Saints.

Nowadays, defense gets ya to the playoffs, but offense and QB play wins Champeenchips.


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