Sure wish Vikes had picked Freeman up before our game.  Ye gods he sucked.

I know we have major issues, but how the hell did we lose to that team?

We also suck.

Everyone kind of raved about Matt Cassell after that game against the Steelers, and it was totally overblown. The secondary stumbled and fumbled around while Jennings took a 4 yard hitch to the house, and Peterson went for a long TD. Vikings best chance is still with Ponder.

As for the Steelers, I'm stunned that they've won two straight after losing to the likes of Minnesota.

Finnegans Wake:
Cassel was competent, and that's all they needed.  Steelers were giving up the big plays (3 x 50+), turning it over, and basically couldn't tackle a fucking kitten in a paper bag.  Oh, and this was the final straw in the Mike Adams at LT experiment, if you recall.  No LeVeon Bell, so basically no running game to speak of.  Ben was still out of synch with everyone but Miller and AB.  Seriously, it looked like we were in a preseason game.


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