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Can I suggest that it's time to make a change in the head coach, as well as the FO?

Can I suggest that, in spite of the blatant lack of talent, the Tomlin is responsible for the lack of preparation?

Can I suggest that it MAY be time for LeBeau to retire?  Thought he did one of his best coaching jobs ever last season. This year, he has little to work with, but the defense is appallingly bad.

Can I suggest that Tomlin bears great responsibility for recent draft picks?

Can I suggest that 7 years in the present NFL is comparable to 21 years or 15 years from the previous NFL seasons, so it's not horrible to suggest a new coach?

Can I suggest that Tomlin comes across as more bull-headed and unwilling to change than Cowher?

If Tomlin stays, then mgmnt has a right to demand some changes from him.

I'm on the record, reboot the whole shebang.  Rip it down to the studs, then burn the studs. 

Finnegans Wake:
I think we need a complete overhaul.  I've discussed the draft issues previously (and note that a team like NE can pick at the bottom every year and still not have slumps like ours).  Tomlin has shown he is incapable of rallying the team, even very talented teams (cf. Cowher teams of the Kent Graham era):  

2009 - A year removed from winning the Super Bowl, the 6-2 Steelers embark on an ambitious 5-game losing stretch, not merely losing to bad teams, but to frankly godawful teams (a Tomlin trademark): Bengals, the 4-12 Chiefs, Ravens, the 5-11 Raiders (!), and the 5-11 Browns. 2012 - Two years removed from the SB loss and one year removed from Tebaucle in Denver, the Steelers again unleash hell, losing 5 of 6:  Ravens, the 5-11 Browns (deja voodoo), the Charlie Batch win at the Ravens, loss to 7-9 Chargers, loss to 8-8 Cowboys, loss to Bengals.
And then of course the 2013 trail of tears.

It's worth noting that those shitty 5-11 teams would have actually been 4-12 had we taken care of business.  

In sum:  5 playoff years (2 SB appearances, 1 SB win); 3 years of inexplicable inability to properly prepare the team.   But we are trending away from dominance, clearly.  The SB win came early, the 2012 and 2013 seasons back-to-back uglies.  Don't know how many times in the 3 horrible seasons I posted something to the effect that That was the worst game I've seen in a long time. Know what?  I've come to expect the shit now.  

Tomlin is ABSOLUTELY to blame for lack of prep.  Other teams do more with less, consistently.  Again, NE has some serious losses (through free agency and injury), but they keep "getting lucky."  Every year, but especially this year.  LeBeau seems not to be able to adjust to the passing game any more.  Haley is hit or miss.  I don't know if any coach out there could turn this chickenshit OL into chicken salad.

TomBert bear responsibility for the declining draft returns equally.  I saw one Gronk TD had Jarvis Jones covering him.  You know, that's pretty unbefuckinglievable, given Jones runs about as fast as Rich Eisen.  I'm not going to rehash the litany of draft failures, because I don't relish the taste of puke in my mouth.

There are no mid-season, symbolic firings that will do jack shit, either.

We need to look to NFL coordinators and collegiate coaches and other teams assistant GMs, and re-think everything.  They didn't broadcast the Pats game here and I'm frankly just as glad they didn't.  I don't think I'll watch this team live again this season, it's like watching a raccoon gnaw its own leg off to get out of a trap.  In previous years, the maddening aspect was the disparity between talent (good) and performance (abysmal).  Now, the talent is showing signs of decline, and that pretty much spells a few years of suck unless something drastic happens.

After they lose the last game (thus completing a SWEEP by the Browns) it would be cool to see the press release that the entire front office and coaching staff have been shit-canned.  Just don't hire some retread like Wade Phirrips. *shudder*

And let's hope the next coaching hire is based on substance, not style or pma bullshit.  I'd like an above the line strategist, please.

Honestly, outside of the Oline, there are some reasonably good pieces on offense. Incomplete, but reasonably good. Keep encountering people who want to blame Ben. He's had plenty of screw-ups this year, but he is hardly the biggest concern as far as his performance on the field. Bigger concern, as raised earlier on this board, is how the Steelers can accumulate any additional talent while carrying Ben's huge salary.

My biggest argument against Haley is that he seems as bull-headed as Tomlin, and carries that on his resume. It could still be argued that the offense has looked best when Ben is running it from the field. Why keep a coordinator if the offense is better when he's less involved?

Tomlin did well when he had solid talent, and plenty of veteran leaders to compensate for his inadequacies. He now has none of that (and as good as Ben is, his leadership qualities do not inspire). BTW, I think it is noteworthy that the performance and effort has dramatically declined since the departure of #86.

I'm typing this as I was Josh McCown and Alshon Jeffrey pick apart Green Bay. IIRC, we could have drafted Jeffrey. And we have yet another glaring example of the lack of ability to evaluate talent, and I sense that Tom-Bert has absolutely lost any knack they might have had.


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