MGS Get Healthy Challenge - 2014

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Finnegans Wake:
Resolutions:  in one year and out the other!



2014 wrap-up

~6 months since my last check-in.  Weights 3 days a week.  T25 workout 2-3 days a week.

Weighing in at 185#.  Could do a bit better on my waist line but probably never will as I enjoy unhealthy food too much.  Am able to bench 205# x 8-9 times.  225# x 5.  235# x 2-3.  Have moved to include more dumbbell work on chest and it has paid off.  Moved from size medium shirts to size large.  Size XL in the Rebook cross fit shirts. 

Incorporated cross fit in to my workouts.  Bought the heavy training ropes and a 30# slam ball for home.  Do a lot of pull ups, inverted rows and other body weight exercises.  Box jumps and deadlifts

 Very noticeable difference in arms, chest and back size.  Pretty happy with my gains and hope to maintain in 2014

Weighing in between 186-190#.  Bought a scale back in January that tracks weight, BMI and body fat.  26% for both BMI and BF.  I have no idea how athletes get in the mid-teens.

Still doing weights 3 times per week.  1 session is 2 1/2 hours and 2 other sessions are 1 hour each.  Bench press remains the same; happy with it but haven't been able to break through.  Have added more lower body and ab workouts to the routine.  I really enjoy putting on headphones and lifting; I guess it is an escape from the stressful things in life.

Dropped T25.  Have started running 3 x a week; treadmill due to the snow and cold.  Enjoying it but had to buy new running shoes due to pain on the back of both of my feet.  Hasn't completely gone away but the previous running shoes were >4 years old. 

Was able to get #225 up 7 times this morning...where does that put me v. the guys at the Combine?

Quote from: SCacalaki on Mar 07, 2014 at 19:53

Was able to get #225 up 7 times this morning...where does that put me v. the guys at the Combine?

Depends on your position.  Not bad for a kicker.


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