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Author Topic: Preseason Game #1 - Pittsburgh @ NYG  (Read 5052 times)
Finnegans Wake
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« Reply #10 on: Aug 13, 2014 at 12:44 »

I think Gradkowski had a poor showing, hope to see better from him v. the Bills.  Not sold on Jones, never have been, but let's see how he does with more time in games 2 and 3 with better players.  I'd be fine with shitcanning him if the right replacement were there.

Yeah, CB is hotly contested after Allen, Ike, Gay...  I think Blake's the insider for CB4, and then McCain and Green are next likely.  Nothing settled and much to see yet.

Disagree on Ben.  He's playing pretty damned good ball lately, sure as hell more consistent ball than Eli, though I think your Giant buddy is knee-jerking just a fucking tad.  Ben's still got maddening tendencies, but I'd take him over Kaepernick easily, and Newton.  Both can move like lightning, still not convinced they can be all the time passers (especially with the WRs at Carolina now).  Kaepernick can go stone cold passing.  Over-rated IMO.  Stafford has a big arm, but he's the quintessential FFL QB IMO.  Megatron ever gets dinged, Stafford is a one-dimensional dude.  Did like his EZ leap last season, was it v. the Bears?  Improvised.  And Luck, I think he's going to be elite, but he's still learning it.  If the heat is on and LBs are crashing the pocket, give me Ben to shake and bake and make something happen downfield.  Kaep and Newt can run, Stafford will be meat, Luck ain't bad, but Ben will pull a rabbit and throw it down the fucking field to AB and you'll be like "no no NO NO NOOOOO.... YESSSSSSSSSSS!"

In short, don't think he's coasting.  At least, no more than usual.  He's no student of the game like Peyton, but then Peyton's post-season is no Roethlisberger type of record. 

With the OL (first team) starting to show signs, and some young playmakers on O, I think Ben can still have 3-5 easily.  Get the D back to spec and more the longer range number.  We're going to extend him, probably next season, and I think he'll get 5-6 years.  Won't necessarily play all, but that'll be the deal.

Out of my mind on Saturday night...
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« Reply #11 on: Aug 14, 2014 at 10:13 »

Maybe it came off the wrong way.  I didn't mean to say that Ben's not playing well or that I'd take any of the guys I mentioned over him.

I guess a better way of putting it might be that the (perceived?) talent gap between him and those guys has closed somewhat.  Used to be that when the talking heads were throwing around names of "elite" QBs, his name would occasionally get mentioned...Brady, Manning, Rodgers, Brees, Roethlisberger...depe nding on the year, the other Manning.  Now, not so much...especially for the younger Manning.  Now, a lot of those other names are mentioned before or even instead of him.

I know...perception isn't always reality.  Still, elite franchise QBs do what they have to do to get their teams to the playoffs.  I'm hoping he does that this season and shows that the last two years were the exception and not the rule.
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