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Seven round mock from Matt Miller at Bleacher Report:


Round 1 - Greg Robinson, OT Auburn
Round 2 - Kelvin Benjamin, WR Florida St
ROund 3 - None
Round 4 - Anthony Harris, FS Virginia
Round 5 - Demarcus Lawrence, OLB Boise St
ROund 6 - Andrew Jackson, ILB Western Kentucky
ROund 7 - Silas Redd, RB UCLA

No real comments from me here, just something to read.  Overall I would be surprised if the top 5 picks were actually 4 QBs and Sammy Watkins (#2 overall).

So where did they end up in the draft?  Gotta figure it's smack-dab in the middle.


Finnegans Wake:
Plus, we should get comps:  possibly a R3 for Wallace, and a decent round for Lewis, plus a late one for Mendy. 

IMO, a R1 OT is probably less a priority the way Beachum has played.

Miller's got some screwy shit in his mock though, some real weird values.  For us:  OT in R1 does not appear to be the best value.  A lot of talk about the Steelers + Benjamin, but not sure I buy it.  No CB?  Day 3 safety?  Late round ILB?

Agreed with the OL, not sure it's the priority we thought early in the season.  Ben seems to be getting rid of it quicker, maybe Haley has broken through somehow, drilled it into his head.  Plus, the ground game was improving.

Not sure of what's available, but a CB might be the best bang for the buck.  WR would be nice,  considering the FAs. 


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