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Finnegans Wake:
OK, this is actually a first stab at the mini board:  15 guys I think we should consider, more concerned with talent and ability to fit our scheme than with need.

This is going to be changed radically, I'm sure.  But right now...

1. OT Jake Matthews, Texas A&M.  Looks like a sure thing.  Stud LT.  Beachum's played well, but this is an upgrade.
2. WR Sammy Watkins, Clemson.  Best receiver in the draft, would give the passing game a seemingly unstoppable 1-2 punch.
3. OLB Anthony Barr, UCLA.  Freakish athlete who would be a great addition as a pass-rusher.  I'd be shocked if he fell to 15 or if we drafted an OLB, but he'd be too hard to pass up if he were there.
4. LB Khalil Mack, Buffalo.  Another guy who's ostensibly an OLB and a nice fit here, but somehow I think he could play inside or out.  Same caveats as Barr, above.
5. WR Mike Evans, Texas A&M.  Maybe have him a little high, but huge upside, almost TE-sized frame, and like Watkins could make the passing game explosive.
6. TE Eric Ebron, NC.  Similar to Evans, nice sized target, very productive, very athletic.
7. ILB CJ Mosley, Alabama.  Not a thumper, but would be a natural leader and provide better speed and coverage.  Good instincts.
8. DL Ra'Shede Hageman, Minnesota.  Could play any spot on the DL, but would be best suited to end.  Huge and athletic, would be a nice complement to Heyward.
9. OT Greg Robinson, Auburn.  Showed nice athleticism and anchor in the title game, more polished and mobile than some of the other OTs.  Good buzz about him.
10. CB Darqueze Denard.  Good and bad about DD: plays physical.  Want to see if he flips his hips and can turn and run, but could bring some nasty to the secondary.
11. CB Justin Gilbert, Oklahoma St.  Gilbert and Denard are 1a and 1b.  Gilbert has nice size, maybe not as physical as last year's CB Xav Rhodes, but looks ready to saddle up.  Also valuable KR if needed.
12. DL Stephon Tuitt, Notre Dame.  Similar frame and productivity to Hageman.  Not sure he could handle the NT position, but like Hageman might be best suited at DE anyway.
13. OT Taylor Lewan, Michigan.  I like Lewan; some don't.  Plays with some nasty and could be a potential LT.
14. WR Marqise Lee, USC.  Some injury concerns, but would be an explosive addition if he can stay healthy.
15. NT Louis Nix, Notre Dame.  One of a very few true 3-4 NTs worth considering.  Would bring a real plugger to the middle.

Didn't make it: 

The QBs.  IMO, overrated, none worth a look at 15, even Bridgewater. 

Clowney - would fit the 3-4 like a stone in the shoe.  Lazy?

The Bama LT Kouandjio - exposed.  Second rounder at best.

Kelvin Benjamin - flashes potential, nice size, just misses; better options, above.

TEs Amaro and Sefarian-Jenkins - just missed.  Would consider in a trade-down.

LB Beasley, Clemson - another guy who could play inside or out, just missed.

Good post.  Agree about the QBs this year, although I'm hoping GMs are dumber than usual and 6 are taken before 1.15.  I like some of the middle round guys, but I don't see what the big deal is about Bridgewater, Boyles, hate Manzel, think Boyd is a 3rd round project.

Love Watkins, obviously, although I think he may go as early as 1.4.  Also agree with you on Lewan.  Blood and guts guy. The way a Steeler offensive lineman should play.  Could guard Ben's blindside until retirement.

Gotta love Denard's physicality but there's questions about him in man to man.  Definitely not afraid to mix it up and tackle though.  Would prefer Gilbert there.

I'm a big fan of Ebron and Amaro and would consider either at that spot. 

Mack, Barr, Evans and Lee would be on my wish list for the first round.

Finnegans Wake:
Bridgewater looks like he could be decent, but LOC?  Nada.  And he's sort of wispy.

I like Bortles, mentioned him earlier, but top 10?  Fuck that.  I was thinking maybe second round value.

Don't get the love of David Derek Carr. 

Anyway...  I don't think they're going QB this year, but I'd put some of the guys in this year's class in the mix later iffin I were GM.

I know it's early, but I'm not a fan of Gilbert. 


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