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So each year I am on here very little, then post random crap in regards to the draft.  I figure, why not kill some boredom and continue.  That being said, have fun tearing this to shreads:

(Of note, while not completely reliable, I used Draftek as a sampling of where each rates out)

1.  Mike Evans, 6'5, 225  WR, Tex A&M:  Really don't think I like a WR in this spot but not overly happy with anyone.  Filed in other rounds first to see what position remained, and here I fell
2.  Kyle Fuller, 6'0, 193, CB  Va Tech:  I like him here
3 (comp).  Pierre Desir, 6'1, 205, CB, Lindenwood:  I think hype leads him to be gone, but why not
4.  Zack Kerr, 6'2, 330, DT, Delaware:  I know knothing, he just looks like a mean and ugly meatball for the center
5.  Kenny Ladler, 6'0, 205, FS, Vandy
5 (comp):  Max Bullough, 6'2, 252, ILB, Mich St
6.  Justin Britt, 6'6, 315, OL, Missouri
7.  Will Clarke, 6'6, 271, DE, WVU I am homer and throw a Mountaineer into every Mock I do.  This kid has a motor
7 (comp).  Austin Wentworth, 6'5, 306, OL, Fresno St

I don't mind that at all, it addresses needs with a focus on the D.

Finnegans Wake:
Obviously, I've been pimping Evans and Desir, and I also really like Fuller and Ladler.  Kerr?  No idea.  Good NT size, is he a combine invitee?  (*Edit: yes; if he gets the lifts and isn't a fatbody I'll need to research him.)

Max Bullough showed up for the Senior Bowl as a complete fatbody.  Some folks really like him, but he looks like he's going to have weight/conditioning issues.

The other guys I don't know.  I like the overall feel of this draft, where you're picking players, rolling the dice on some OL guys in lat rounds.  No glaring omissions, IMO.

Kerr was at Maryland, then transferred to Delaware.  Note on him are big, strong, high motor.  On the negative, needs to learn to consistently stay low.  He is a combine invitee

And a little of Will Clarke....also a combine invitee


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