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Finnegans Wake:
OK, so cue the mock draft jokes:  has a nose for the ball, not afraid to stick his head in, always plays hard, knows how to plug the hole, is all over the tight end...

He's currently projected to go anywhere from R3-5, and at 6'2" 260#, 4.74 est., he could be a guy to consider for OLB depth, especially given the Worilds FA.  First of all, whatever my criticisms of Tomlin, I can't see a situation where he or the Rooneys would allow a hostile player environment:  the Steelers might be one of the BEST possible teams for Sam to go to. 

So, he's very productive in the SEC, has a huge wingspan, same exact height as Jarvis, about 15# heavier, and a good bit faster than Jarvis.  (In my first rough draft Big Board, using several sites' projections and averaging them, I had Sam at 71st overall, which would be R3; even if he drops due to the gay issue, I don't think he falls out of R4.)

So my question is:  how much of a dropoff is there between Jarvis Jones and Michael Sam, if any?  And if we'd take him in R4, wouldn't that be a pretty good value?  I guess it does depend on what we're considering with Worilds, but Sams could be an interesting prospect gotten a little lower than originally projected.

Also, wherever he goes, I think the whole gay player in the NFL thing will amount to very little once the pads are on. 

I agree that if he can play,it will be a non-issue.  And he is obviously going to be drafted.  The question will be, what if you draft him and it turns out he can't play?  Which team wants to take the risk of the "you only cut him because he's gay" stigma when in reality it is not all that unusual for a mid-round player to not stick?

In other words, if he's a young, hungry but not fat Lamar Woodley or a healthy Kendrell Bell, no problem.  If he's Huey Richardson or Zo Jackson, problem.

If he's there in R4, STRONG consideration.  R5?  No brainer.

Move Jarvis inside with Timmons.  Sam and Worilds on the edges.

IDGAF if he's 98% or not, if he can drop the hamme...ah, lay the woo...uh, bring it on every play and be a force on defense, SING him the fuck up.

Mendenhall tweeted his support yesterday evening:

@Spindenhall34 @MichaelSam Can't wait for you to cum to the desert.


OK, OK, sorry...sorry...that's it...I'll stop.

Finnegans Wake:
I like the idea of Jarvis inside along with Timmons.  (Who, it should be noted, was also drafted by Tomlin as an OLB.)

In any event, Sam seems similar to Worilds coming out of VT:  Worilds was 6'1", 254#, ran a 4.65 40 at the combine (4.49 pro day).  I see Sam as an edge rusher who's sort of a one-trick pony (speed) right now, but coach him up.  Both Worilds and Sam had good TFL and sack numbers, sort of similar there too.

Finnegans Wake:
Excellent writeup here on his strengths and weaknesses.

IMO, this also explains some of the technical details of why a guy like Worilds takes a couple years to get it:  better use of hands, getting more physical, etc.


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