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Finnegans Wake:
Caught a little of this today.  This writeup pretty closely encapsulates what I was thinking:

OL Workouts

I'd been talking myself out of OL in R1, but I came away extremely impressed with not only how fast guys like Jake Matthews and Greg Robinson looked, but also how fluid they were and how well they moved their feet.  Both are almost certain top-10 locks, but close behind is Taylor Lewan, who was on my radar last year.  He tested extremely well and would be an excellent choice at 1.15 as a franchise LT, nothing against Kelvin Beachum, but seriously... he'd lock down that blind side.  He's also got speed, agility, functional strength, and some meanness.

I still have Matthews rated higher than Robinson, but like I said, likely moot.  Lewan is a good value ~ 1.15.  Another guy who has gotten some buzz lately, Mayock loves him, is ND's Zack Martin.  I admit, I was sort of down on him as an IOL-only guy, but his film says he can definitely be a smaller LT guy.  As Mayock says, he could probably play any of the 5 OL spots.  That kind of versatility is going to push him into my top 15.  He performed well at the combine, and he's got a toughness that I think will serve him well.

Cyrus Kouandjio was, I think, exposed this season, and he had a rough outing.  People rave about his athleticism and upside, but he started as a R2 guy for me and frankly, I think he's now a R3 guy.  RT only. 

Morgan Moses is also a RT, not R1 talent, a bit clumsy.  See Cyrus's notes.

Tiny Richardson may actually grade out above those two, but I don't see LT at all.  A late R2.

I need to look a little closer at Jack Mewhort, who isn't smooth but is smoother than Cyrus, Moses, and Tiny.  Can he play LT?  He's got a little nasty that I like.

Joel Bitonio is another guy I think could be a sleeper.  Need to investigate.  No grade right now.

Billy Turner is a deeper prospect that may be getting overrated.  He's got talent, but he's not elite, and I can't see taking him before R3, probably not until R4.

I'll give the full review in my OT guide, but would love some feedback from y'all...

Robinson moved like a guy 60 or 70# lighter, easy.  Just insanely fast for a guy 330#s.  I'd rate him higher than Matthews.  Honestly, Robinson, Matthews and Lewan are probably guaranteed top 10 picks in any other year.  Speaks to the depth of this draft.

Would take Robinson at 1.15 and never look back.  Lewan definitely gets consideration. 

Again, for me, the only offensive positions that get a look in R1 are OT and WR if a stud falls.

It's just...that defense...so many needs...so many holes (*giggity*)...CB/LB/NT/S...

Hope for a MONSTER day for all the QBs tomorrow.  If guys like Bortles and Bridgewater have solid performances, they (along with Manziel) go before 1.15 and push some quality prospects down to Pittsburgh.

Speaking of QBs, keep an eye on Connor Shaw.  This year's Russell Wilson.  Have no idea where he's projected to go, but if he's somehow still there on Day Three, WTF not?

WR Evans had an unofficial time of 4.47    Official not yet posted

Finnegans Wake:
Saw a little of the WR group, but will look at the whole thing.  No surprises, IMO.

Steelers visits:

WR Kelvin Benjamin (FSU) and WR Donte Moncrief (Ole Miss):  A lot of people love Benjamin, but I'm not as high on him unless we trade back.  Moncrief has a lot of possibility for R3:  think Wallace, less speed, better hands and routes.

RB Ka'Deem Carey (Ariz):  productive collegiately, slow at the combine, seems an odd candidate given the pick of Bell last year - not at all a COP from Bell, I would be looking at speedy late rounders.

FB/TE Trey Millark (Okla.):  Will Johnson, deux?  Another odd meeting, IMO.  Unless the tape shows he's a monster FB and a clear upgrade.  Oh, and will we be using a FB more?

TE Eric Ebron (NC):  a no-brainer.  Would be a huge upgrade to the offense as a WR/TE hybrid, showed very well at the combine by all accounts.  Apparently bonded well with Tomlin, a good sign... if he lasts to 1.15.

WR Allen Robinson (PSU):  want to see his combine tape, but a worthwhile interview.  Very productive collegiately without a lot of other talent in the PSU receiving corps; maybe not a complete receiver, but right now a R2 value worth looking at.  Good due diligence.

DE Kareem Martin (NC):  another Tarheel, I haven't looked at Martin a whole lot yet.  Slotted as a R3 value, has the frame and collegiate productivity, could be an interesting R3/4 value.

CB Justin Gilbert (OSU): another no-brainer, Gilbert IMO is a solid value at 1.15, if not as physical as Denard.  Definitely worth kicking the tires.

NT Louis Nix (ND):  another no-brainer, Nix is definitely in the mix at 1.15.  We can argue about the value of drafting a 2-down NT, but I wonder if the FO can see Nix staying on the field for 3rd downs in a 2-DL front.  really interested in digging through the DL workouts this year.

No Mike Evans though.  They'll talk to a FB but not Evans?  Hiding interest, or just not interested?  Odd.

Finnegans Wake:
FYI on NTs:

*Nix did not lift.  I expect 30+ reps when he does, but I'm disappointed and curious why this was so. Injury?
*La Tech's Justin Ellis was a mid-round NT that I am removing from my board after a disappointing 25 reps.  4-3 DT only.
*Ryan Carrethers is a mid-late prospect who I was also watching, and he hit 32.  Welcome to the big board, Ryan.  And we always scout Arkansas St.
*Guys who hit the magic numbers, but who are not 3-4 NT due to frame:  Aaron Donald (35!), Kaleb Ramsey (36!), Tenny Palepoi (31), Kerry Wynn (31).
*Guys with frames who could play NT or DE in the 30-front (theoretically):  Ra'Shede Hageman (32), Stephon Tuitt (31).  Similar eval on these guys, and if they can play nose and stay on the field for passing downs, very interesting prospects both.
*Off the radar before, but not now:  Robert Thomas, Arkansas (32):  some injury issues, may be a late round consideration off lifts and frame.


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