Clemson's Bryant at 1.15?



I'm hoping that someone just needed a story, and they pulled this out.

The book on Bryant at Clemson was that he did not work hard, had poor concentration, and generally never played that great beyond the skills he showed in shorts and a tshirt.

Maybe he can turn it around, maybe he was overshadowed at Clemson by Watkins and Hopkins. But a talented player who hasn't shown he can deliver the goods? I think we've seen enough of those on draft days past.

Finnegans Wake:
I think he's a R3 guy.  1.15 is baffling to me.  No way has he shown he's worth that.  But people want to crown combine stars, and some teams do reach based on workouts.  If anything, Tomlin and Colbert have shown an affinity for the opposite:  utterly ignoring poor measurables and sloppy workouts.

It's been known from early on around here that his measurables would be outstanding, so no surprise.  Also no surprise that combine fluffers would go overboard.

Great talent, but too many drops and loss in concentration.  Not sure how his blocking would be.

When he declared, many locals thought it was a head scratcher.  Coming back his senior year he would have been the #1 and could have significantly improved his stock.  As it stands, I like round 3 for him, but someone will take him sooner.  I see some Plax in him hopefully without the handgun.  Lots of talent but maddeningly inconsistent, uncertain work ethic. 

Raiders will take him early round 2, assuming they don't trade up into late 1 for him.


When he declared, many locals thought it was a head scratcher.

It seemed to make all the sense in the world for him to stay at Clemson, where he would really have a chance to shine. However, the QB situation is unsure next season, so maybe that factored into it. Although Boyd's draft stock is dropping like a rock.

He would just be a massive reach at 1.15. MIGHT be a steal in later rounds.


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