Ten in a Row, Bigfoot Sighting

The Steelers made it two in a row to start the season with a workman like win in Cleveland. That makes ten in a row against those hapless Brownstains, the popular AFCN champion pick among the semi-literate talking heads on the sports networks. When will they learn? It rarely pays to pick against the Steelers, although, if you were getting 4+ points last night, it paid.

I started the game late (skipping commercials when remembering) and decided it was a boring game. There were far too many punts by both teams due in part to the weather conditions. Great defensive plays were turned in by the Big Nasty Steeler D with Polamalu garnering many mentions from the broadcast team. Although sometimes I wonder if it’s just because Madden can pick him out of the crowd due to the shaggy mane.

The Browns were kept in check. Bigfoot tossed a couple of picks and JLew was tamed for the umpteenth time. Business as usual for the Steelers in their home away from home.

Ironically, Big Ben turned in a dismal fantasy performance even if his QB rating was well into the triple digits. I’ll take the win.

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