Caught in a Trap

“I’m caught in a trap.  I can’t get out.  Because I love you too much baby.”  Elvis sang it back in the day.  The Pittsburgh Steelers have to avoid it this coming Sunday.

They’ve had two weeks off. Fast Willie Parker is returning to the lineup after an injury. Big Snack Hampton will practice with an eye to getting back on the field.

These guys must have some rust. And it’s up to Tomlin to get it knocked off before Sunday.

We fans are saying, “But it’s the friggin’ Bungholes. The Steelers have won seven in a row there. Give me a break! Go ahead and add another to the win column!” But we fans have nothing to do with the outcome of the game. This is a trap game if’n there ever was one.

On the other hand, what better opponent to get back to speed against than the Bengals? Sure, they’ve yet to win a game, but that’s for a very good reason: They’re a crappy team full of whiners and underachievers who’ve had their spirits crushed by a culture of losing. Not to be harsh, ya know?

Their starting QB is injured. Their fans have bailed out. Their only hope for victory? Set a trap and hope a rusty bunch from Pittsburgh takes the bait.

“Caught in a trap …”

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