Holmes Debacle Put to Bed?

Head coach Mike Tomlin suspended San Antonio Holmes for the Giants game. The player will start in Washington this coming Monday night. Everything is all hunky-dory now, correct? Not by a long shot.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell stated that punitive actions taken by the Pittsburgh Steelers organization will have no bearing on any decision he passes down. Since there were charges filed against Holmes by the Pittsburgh police, one can expect some action from the NFL offices. It’s only a matter of time.

Holmes, who said he would have made the difference in the loss to the Giants, did not originally seem to grasp the gravity of the situation. When asked if people will doubt him, Holmes replied, “Who cares? I really don’t.” He needs to work on how he is perceived now before he gets labeled as a chronic troublemaker. Hopefully, he heeds the words of veteran quarterback Charlie Batch who said Homes should work on his image and realize that no more mistakes will be tolerated.

That’s good advice, San Antonio, please accept it. But watch your back. Nate Washington is gunning for your job. And Limus Sweed and Dallas Baker are looking over his shoulder.

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