Bigfoot’s Last TD Pass?

After the Jets beat the Bills, my local CBS affiliate switched to the final three minutes of the Ratbirds at the Brownstains.  Balty was leading 30-27 but Cleveland had the ball with plenty of time for the go ahead score.  Since Baltimore is a game ahead of Cleveland but only one game behind Pittsburgh, my rooting interests were obvious:  Cleveland must win to throw both teams into a 4-4 tie behind the Steelers.

On the first snap Browns QB Bigfoot Anderson tossed a 42 yard pick 6 to Terrell Suggs effectively ending the game.  Ravens lead, 37-27.  The next series saw the ball go back to the Ravens on downs.  Not a brilliant performance by Anderson and perhaps his last in a Brownie uniform.  Brady Quim was seen licking his lips on the sideline.

Suddenly the Steelers have a must-win game on their hands in DC with the 5-3 Ravens breathing down their necks.

And it all happened on a day when Bigfoot may be seen no more, his final TD pass going to the wrong team.

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