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With a 17-7 Steelers lead and the defense turning in yet another stingy performance, it appeared little more was needed than a couple of first downs to run out the clock and head into halftime with momentum and high hopes of continuing the beating on the other side.

Whoah, nelly!  The Colts would have none of that.  After their fourth straight punt ended their 5th drive, the Colts had the Steelers start from their own eight yard line.  Three plays and an interception later, a reenergized Colts offense took the field on the Steelers 30 with 1:24 to go in the half.  Six plays later they seized momentum with a TD, turning a 17-7 game that was building to a rout into a close game which they would tie on the opening possession of the third quarter.

The next score came early in the 4th.  The Steelers had managed a long clock-killing drive down to the Colts 5 yard line.  First and goal it was.  Three straight runs later and the Steelers were kicking a FG to take a 20-17 lead.  The Colts undersized defense yielded four yards on the first down play but stuffed Mewelde Moore in his tracks, even getting to him in the back field on the next two plays.  It was a disheartening site for Steelers fans everywhere and effectively won the game.

The Colts, unable to drive the field all game, got the help they needed.  They quickly converted the second Roethlisberger interception into another TD to take a 24-20 lead which they would hold.

Another stellar Steelers defensive performance went straight down the drain.

The Colts offense made the most of the opportunities Ben presented while the undersized defense stuffed the Steelers when it mattered most.

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