Should the Franchise Sit, Rest?

Heresy!  Heresy!  Burn him at the stake!

OK, I get it, don’t mess with the 27 million dollar man.

Ah, screw it.  The Steelers have to sit Big Ben to save him from himself and from the offensive line and frankly, the Steelers playoff hopes from him.  What if the Colts game played out like the Redskins game of the prior week?  Ben sits after the half and Lefty comes in to rally the troops for a couple of second half touchdown drives?

Could have used that yesterday.  Probably would have won a 35-10 game with Lefty in there.

Now, I’m not calling for something permanent.  But until he heals, the best thing Big Ben can do is sit down and stop hurting his team.  The defense might actually win games if the offense did little more than NOT turn the ball over.

Rest Big Ben now because the second season is ahead and he’ll be needed then provided the Steelers can make it there.

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