Will the Steelers Outrun the Colts?

It should be a good game Sunday afternoon.  How will Peyton Manning and his blockers handle the deadly duo of James Harrison and Lamar Woodly?  Will Big Ben finish the game or will it be up to Byron Leftwich to rally the troops for a win?

But most importantly, will the Steelers get back to the ground game, their identity?  Pounding the football will go futher than any other tactic towards the goal of winning games and keeping the quarterback on his feet.  It let’s the team control the clock and thus win the ever important TOP battle.  It allows the offensive line to tee off on the opposing defense rather than the opponents teeing of on Big Ben.  It sets the tone for the physical style of game that the Steelers were built to play.

Ask anyone on the team if they want to run the ball more.  I bet that, to a man, they will say, “YES!  None here can figure out why we’ve abandoned the run game.  Let’s get back to it!  NOW!”

Update:  “The bottom line is the running game could be lights out if we gave it enough tries,” Steelers tackle Willie Colon said. “We know up front we can bang with them. We can get a hat on a hat and they’re not going to be able to hold up. We understand that. Will it go down like that? We’ve got to wait till Sunday to see.”

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