Steelers Zap Bolts

How about “Steelers Buzz Bolts?”

“Chargers Drained at Heinz?”

“Steelers 11, Chargers 10, Refs $$$$$$?”

How does a team have a 300 yard passer, 100 yard receiver and 100 yard rusher, own TOP by a 13:02 margin, win the turnover battle +2 with zero of their own, run 23 more offensive plays than their opponent, score on a safety and still win by only one point?

It helps to also win the penalty game by 13/115 to 2/5 and punt four times for an average of 31 with only one of those inside the 20. But that begs: When was the last time you saw an NFL game with such a disparate view of the penalty situation of two teams by the officials? James Harrison was mugged every time he lined up to rush the passer. On one play he was pulled down from behind by his face mask. What was the penalty call there? Personal foul? Hold? Not so much.

Once again the defense was dominant. Is there anything these guys can’t do? They scored the safety that proved to be the difference. They scored a TD which would have made sure that there still was never an 11-10 final score. They sacked the quarterback, took away the ball and in the end made sure their team won the game. It was another stellar performance and one that was finally not wasted by the offense.

But it looks like we fans will have to continue wondering about the strange statistics compiled in this game. Because you know what they say, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

Right, refs?

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