Baltimore Game Looms Large

Back in November with the Steelers sitting at 6-3 following a gut-wrenching loss to the Indianapolis Colts (does that game remind you of anything?) conventional wisdom stated that the Steelers must win their next two games. Both of those were at home and against some of the weaker foes (San Diego, Cincinnati) they would face for the remainder of the regular season.

They did it and then some. No, it wasn’t easy nor was it always certain. However, the Steelers now find themselves sitting at 10-3 with the pesky Ravens pecking at their heels.

Not much has changed. As it stands, the Steelers have the second seed in the playoffs. If they falter against the Ravens then their seeding would likely slide to sixth considering that they’ve already lost to Indianapolis (9-4), the other current wild card team. Not winning the division means they’ll need to dust off the old road-warrior mind set of 2005 and yet again take the road less traveled to achieve the annual ultimate goal. After hosting the Steelers, Baltimore travels to Dallas (who may well have thrown in the towel by then) and closes out hosting Jacksonville. After traveling to Baltimore, Pittsburgh travels to Tennessee before closing out at home versus the former Fighting Quinns of Cleveland.

The Baltimore game looms large and it bears repeating: it’s a must win.

Prediction: Steelers win 19-9.

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