Big Ben is the Comeback Kid

There were 92 yards between the Steelers and the Raven’s goal line.  Roughly 2:45 later and Big Ben was hitting Santonio Holmes for the game-winning touchdown.

Three of their last five victories have required a late-game comeback of some sort.  The controversial ending in San Diego had a late 4th quarter drive to set up the winning field goal by Reed.  Last week against the Cowboys saw a late drive tie the game before Deshea Townsend provided the winning margin with a touchdown on an interception return.  And in Baltimore where they had lost five straight the Steelers offense once again provided late-game excitement.

What is it with this offensive unit that can flounder for 55 minutes only to turn it on when the game is on the line?  Is it the play-calling throughout that is lacking?  Those comebacks usually require the hurry up or no-huddle approach.  One could speculate that in those situations the play-calling falls to the quarterback.  It’s an interesting concept that merits further consideration.

But for now it’s all about the late-game heroics of the offense and the Comeback Kid.

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